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At the Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, the Guru Purnima is celebrated every year on a grand scale.
1. All aspirants awake at Brahmamuhurta, at 4 o’clock. They meditate on the Guru and chant his prayers.
2. Later in the day, the sacred worship of the Guru’s Feet is performed. Of this worship it is said in the Guru Gita:

Dhyaana moolam guror murtih;
Pooja moolam guror padam;
Mantra moolam guror vakyam;
Moksha moolam guror kripa

“The Guru’s form should be meditated upon; the feet of the Guru should be worshipped; his words are to be treated as a sacred Mantra; his Grace ensures final liberation”.
3. Sadhus and Sannyasins are then worshipped and fed at noon.
4. There is continuous Satsang during which discourses are held on the glory of devotion to the Guru in particular, and on spiritual topics in general.
5. Deserving aspirants are initiated into the Holy Order of Sannyas, as this is a highly auspicious occasion.
6. Devout disciples fast and spend the whole day in prayer. They also take fresh resolves for spiritual progress.

Guru Purnima SMS

Guru Purnima Celebrations

Hindus show much respect to their gurus. Gurus are often regarded as Gods. The Shvetashvatara Upanishad (6/23) tells :vyasa_1“Yasya deve para bhaktir yatha deve tatha gurau
Tasyaite kathitaa hi arthaaha prakashante mahatmanaha”This means, Guru to be worshipped in the same manner as the deity – God, to attain all there is to attain on the path of God-realization. When we realize this then there is a need to search for someone to teach you!
On this day, several programs and cultural performances are organized by spiritual organizations. Divine discourse and bhajan samarohas are also organized to make the day even more special.

In India, Guru Purnima is celebrated at various ashrams, especially with much grandeur at Sivananda Rishikesh, Rishikesh. The day is celebrated here on a grand scale with devotees coming from various parts of the country. The same is also celebrated at ashram of Satya Sai Baba at Puttaparthy, Ashram in Amritapuri and few other places of spiritual importance. Guru Purnima is also celebrated few places outside India.

This is a day for spiritual seekers who remain extremely open to their gurus to receive divine power, and for this reason holy people choose this day to shower everyone with their most auspicious divine blessings.

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Vijaya Dashami 2015 Sms Messages

  • Happy Vijaya Dashami 2015 Messages
    Siddhidatri Is The Ninth Form Of Goddess
    She Is Worshipped On The Ninth Day Of Navaratri.
    Siddhidatri Has Supernatural Healing Powers.
    Happy 9th Day of Navratri
  • Vijaya Dashami Greetings
    Good Health And Success
    Ward Off Evil
    Lords Blessings
    Happy Dussehra
    Yummy Dussehra
    Triumph Over Evil
    Joyous Festive Season
    Spirit Of Goodness…
    Happy Vijaya Dussehra.. !
  • Vijaya Dashami 2015 Messages
    May Lord Rama Always…
    Keep Showering His Blessings Upon You….
    May Your Life Be Prosperous And..
    Trouble Free Throughout.
    Happy Dussehra.
  • Vijaya Dashami Sms
    Vijayadashami Ka Shubh Parva
    Apke Aur Apke Parivar Ke Jivan Me Sukh,
    Samradhi Aur Shanti Bharde.
    Happy Dussehra!!
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Happy 9th Navratri Sms Messages

  • Happy Navratri 9th Day
    Siddhidatri Is The Ninth Form Of Goddess
    She Is Worshipped On The Ninth Day Of Navaratri.
    Siddhidatri Has Supernatural Healing Powers.
    Happy 9th Day of Navratri
  • Ninth Day of Navratri Messages
    Siddhidatri Is The 9th Form Of Goddess.
    She Has Four Arms And She Is Always
    In A Blissful Happy Enchanting Pose.
    She Rides On The Lion As Her Vehicle.
    Happy Ninth Navratri
  • Happy Navratri 9th Day
    Jagadambe Mata Ki Jai
    Bhole Baba Ki Jai
    Sri Muniraj Maharaj Ki Jai
    Durgamaya Ki Jai”
    Happy 9th Day Of Navratri
  • Happy 9th Navratri Greetings
    Siddhidatri Blesses All Gods,
    Saints, Yogis, Tantrics
    And All Devotees As A Manifestation Of The Mother Goddess.
    In ‘Devi Bhagvata Purana’
    It Is Mentioned That Lord Shiva Worshipped Her
    And Was Blessed With All Siddhis
    (Supernatural Powers).
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Happy 5th Navratri Sms Messages

  • 5th Day of Navratri Sms
    Skanda Mata Is Worshipped
    On The Fifth Day Of Navratri.
    SHE Is Holding Her Son
    ‘Skandaa Or Kartikaya’
    On Her Lap.
    Happy 5th Navratri
  • Happy Navratri Fifth Day
    Fifth Of Navratri Is The Day Of Worshipped Of Skanda Mata
    SHE Has Three Eyes And Four Hands
    2 Hands Hold Lotuses
    While The Other 2 Hands Respectively Display
    Defending And Granting Gestures.
    She Is The Ocean Of Knowledge.
    Happy 5th Day Of Navratri
  • 5th Navratri Messages
    Skandaa Means The One With Six Heads
    Corresponding To The Five Senses And The Mind.
    Or The One Who Has A Control
    Over The Six Demonic Vices:
    Kaama (Sex),
    Krodha (Anger),
    Lobha (Greed),
    Moha (Passion),
    Mada (Ego) And
    Matsarya (Jealousy).Happy 5th Navratri
  • Navratri 5th Day Hindi Sms
    5th Navratri is Celebrated for Skandaa
    She Rides On A Lion.
    In Yoga Shastra She Represents
    The Vishuddha Chakra And HAM Bija Mantra.
    She Also Dignifies Motherhood,
    Fertility And Mother Child Relationship.
    Happy 5th Navratri
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Happy 8th Navratri Sms Messages

  • 8th Day of Navratri Sms
    Mahalaxmi Worshipped On 8th Day Of Navratri.
    Mahalaxmi, The Goddess Of Prosperity And Wealth,
    Is Predominantly Worshipped During The Festival Of Navratri.
    8th Chaitra Navratri Greetings
  • Eighth Day of Navratri Messages
    There Is A Tradition Of Worshipping
    The Goddess On The Eighth Day Of Navratri In Various Parts Of Goa.
    The Worship Of Mahalaxmi Is Celebrated On 8th Day,
    Happy 8th Day Of Navratri
  • Happy Navratri Eight Day
    On The Eighth Day Of Navratri,
    The Idol Of Mahalaxmi Is Prepared
    From Kneaded Rice Flour,
    Is Painted With Organic Colours,
    Is Dressed In A Saree And Decked Up With Ornaments.
    Happy 8th Navratri
  • Happy Navratri 8th Day Greetings
    Married And Single Women
    From The Locality Take Part In The Rituals
    Involved In Worshipping Mahalaxmi.
    Happy 8th Navratri
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Happy 4th Navratri Sms Messages

  • 4th Day of Navratri Sms
    Goddess Kushmanda Is Worshipped
    On The Fourth Day Of Navratri.
    The Day Also Marks The Beginning
    Of Worshipping Of
    Goddess Lakshmi Duringnavaratra.
    Happy Navratri
  • Happy Navratri Fourth Day
    Mata Kushmanda Is Worshipped On The Fourth Day Of Navrathri.
    She Shines Brightly
    With A Laughing Face In
    All Ten Directions As The Sun.
    She Controls Whole Solar System.
    Happy 4th Day of Navratri
  • 4th Navratri Messages
    The Fourth Day Is Dedicated
    To The Goddess ‘Kushmanda’,
    The Creator Of The Entire Universe.
    Happy Navratri
  •  Navratri 4th Day Hindi Sms
    Those Empty Spaces Were My Silent Prayers,
    Asking Maa Durga To Guide & Protect YOU
    Always In Whatever YOU Do
    & Wherever YOU Are!
    Happy Navratri And Durga Puja
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Happy 6th Navratri Sms Messages

  • 6th Day of Navratri Sms
    The Sixth Day Is Dedicated To Goddess Katyayani.
    The Day Is Also The Last Day Of Lakshmi Puja
    During Navaratri.
    Goddess Katyayani Form Of Durga Appeared
    As The Daughter To Sage Katya Of Katya
    Clan And Thus She Got The Name Katyayani.
  • Happy Navratri Six Day
    6th Day Of Navratri Is The Day
    Of Bhairavi And Mahakali Aspect Of Durga
    Is Worshipped On This Day In Western Parts Of India.
    The Day Is Also Observed As Durga Sashti Day In Bengal,
    Orissa And Other Parts Of Eastern India.
    Happy Sixth Day Of Navratri
  • Navratri 6th Day Sms
    On The Sixth Day,
    The Goddess Is Worshipped As Katyayani.
    Seated On Her Vehicle Lion,
    Katyayani Has Three Eyes And Four Hands.
    Happy 6th Navratri
  • Sixth Navratra Wishes
    Aapi Shako To Aapni Dosti Magu Chu,
    Dil Thi Dil No Sahkar Magu Chu,
    Fikar Na Karo Dosti Per Jaan Lutavi Dais,
    Rokdo Vyavhar Che Kya, Udhar Mangu Chu…
    Happy Navratri!