Father's Day SMS

My Dear Father

My Dear Father!
I Owe U The Debt Of Life ,
Its Infinity, Colors,
Sounds & Feelings I Experience.
Plz Accept My Gratitude
On This Very Special Day,
Although Every Moment
Of My Life Is A Gift From You.
‘Happy Fathers Day’

Diwali SMS

Please receive our simple Gift of “WISH “”wrapped

Please receive our simple Gift of “WISH “”wrapped with LOVE” tied “with CARE” “n sealed with a PRAYER” to keep U & Ur Family ” “SAFE “& HEALTHY” HAPPY DIWALI.

Chocolate Day SMS

According To The Valentine

According To The Valentine
Week Myth, February 9 Is
Called The Chocolate Day.
If You Believe In The
Week-long Valentine’s
Celebration, Feb 9 Is The
Day To Gift A Box Full Of
Chocolates To Your Sweetheart.
’My Wishes On This Chocolate Day.