Wife SMS

What would you do if i died

WIFE: What would you do if i died?

Would you get married again?
Husband: No…

Wife- Why not?
Don’t you like being married?

Husband: Of course i do.

Wife: Then why wouldn’t you remarry?

Husband: Ok, ok, i’d get married again…

Wife: Would you live in our house with your new Wife…?

Husband: Yes, it’s a great house.

Wife: Would you let her drive my car ?

Husband: Yes, its almost new, dear .

Wife: Would you give her my jewelry?
Husband: No.. I am sure she would want her own..
Wife: Would she wear my shoes..?
Husband: No, her size is ’5′

Wife: –silence-

Husband: ‘shiiit’…!!!

Wife SMS

Wife cOmes hOme Late at Night

Wife cOmes hOme Late at Night &Quietly Opens the dOor tO
Her BedrOom.

From under the Blanket She Sees 4 Legs Instead Of 2.

She reaches for a Baseball Bat & Starts hitting the Blanket as
Hard as She can.

Once She’s dOne, She gOes tO
The Kitchen tO have a drink..

As She Enters, She Sees Her Husband there, Reading a Magazine..

“Hi Darling” He say; YOur Parents have cOme tO Visit us,
sO I Let them stay in Our BedrOom.
Hope U have said Hello!

Wife SMS

Wife cal her hsbnd

Wife cal her hsbnd
The window is jammed. Wat should I do?

Husband: Pour some warm water on it, but make sure it’s not too hot or it will crack
“OK” she replied, sounding a bit unsure.
He cal back 10 min later:
“Did u do the trick?”

“yes! but” she said tearfully,
“The LAPTOP isn’t working at all now!:P