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A good teacher according to student

A good teacher according to students is 1 who :

-Should Be Absent At Least 3 Times A Week
-Should Come In Class 10mins Late And Left The Class 10 Mins Earlier
-Should Not Give Any Homework And Assignments
-Should Not Ask Any Questions To Students
-Should Not Disturb The Students By Teaching While They Are Talking

Funny SMS, Student SMS

Students Vs Teachers!

Students Vs Teachers :-

When We are in Class. We Are Students.
When they are in class They are Scholars.

When v Correct our Writing its Overwriting.
When they Correct their, its Correction,

When v copy from Others, We are Cheaters,
When they Copy they Quote

When We don’t do our work in time, We are Sluggish,
When they don’t do, they are Busy,

When We Joke in class, We are Jokers,
When They are joke, They r Witty 😛