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Few moments spent with someone

Life spent with someone
for a lifetime may be meaningless,

But a few moments spent
with someone who really loves U,

Means more than a life itself!

Cool/Decent SMS, Inspirational SMS, Motivational Quotes SMS

Ultimate Message Worth Sharing

Ultimate Message Worth Sharing:

-Before You Say I Can’T, Make Sure You’Ve Tried.
-Before You Let Doubts Stop You, Confront Them With Facts.
-Before Fear Holds You Back, Go Forward With Faith.
-Before You Believe Others Are Better, Show Them What A Winner You Are.
-Before You Dismiss Your Dreams, Wait Until They’Ve Come True.
-Before You Go Looking For Happiness, Make Your Own Wherever You Are…!

~Author Unknown

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3 Things to learn from a Child

3 Things to learn from a CHILD:
-To Be Happy For No Reason.
-To Be Always Busy Doing Something.
-To Know How To Demand Small Things Without Ego.