Christmas SMS

Have an icy icy christmas

Have an icy icy christmas,
with buttering msgs,
choclaty calls,
creamy thoughts,
fruity funs,
wid plumpy plays & jumpy joys.
Merry christmas.

Cool/Decent SMS

10 advantages of not having a “LOVER

10 advantages of not having a “LOVER”..
1. save time.
2. can sleep well.
3. Don”t hav 2 bother abt missed calls..
4. Don”t hav to worry abt how u look..
5. Can eat in any restaurant..
6. No boring sms in the middle of night..
7. Can talk with all gals..
8. U won”t hear “aaw.. U r dull today.
9. Can go anywhere with any one..
10. Don”t hav 2 listen same old crap jokes..