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Happy 7th Navratri Sms Messages

  • 7th Day of Navratri Sms
    Kalaratri Is The One Who Destroys
    Ignorance And Removes Darkness.
    She Is Also Known As Shubhamkari.
    Happy Seventh Day Of Navratri
  • Seventh Navratri Wishes
    Maa Kalaratri Day Is Celebrated On
    Seventh Day Of Navratri
    In This Form She Is Believed To Have Licked
    The Blood Of Demon Rakta Beeja
    Who Had The Capacity To Bring Out Thousand Demons
    From A Drop Of Blood Spilt From His Body.
    Happy 7th Naratri
  • Happy Navratri Seventh Day
    Seventh Day Of Navratri Is The Day For
    Kaalratri Pooja Or Durga Saptami Or Maha Sapthami
    She Is Dark And Black Like Night,
    Hence She Is Called As ‘Kalratri’.
    Her Hairs Are Unlocked And Has Three Eyes
    And Four Hands.
    hile The Remaining 2 Are In The Mudras
    Of “Giving” And “Protecting”
    Happy 7th Navratri
  • Navratri 7th Day Sms
    7th Navratri Is Celebrated As Maa Kalaratri Day
    This Is The Most Violent Form Of Durga.
    This Form Primarily Depicts
    That Life Also Has Dark Side.
    The Violent Mother Nature
    And Creates Havoc And Removes All Dirt.