Good Morning SMS Messages

Progress always involves risks, U cant’t steal 2nd base and
keep ur foot on first.. Dare 2 dream &
Act beyond comfort Zone..! Good Morning

Live 4 d person who can die 4 U, Smile 4 d person who cries 4 U,
Love d person who love u more then U
Good Morning..

Success is never achieved by D size of D brain,
but it is always achieved by D size of one’s THOUGHTS’
Good Morning..

Everyone will have best friemd
Only lucky ppl get them as wife or husband to stay with them lifelong.
gud mrng.

365 days in a year wid 365 mrng Out of Which all will b happy & pleasant
coz I’ll wish u gud morning everyday !

God will not give u a burdn u can’t handle. So,
if u find urself in a mess that’s impossible to resolve,Take it as a compliment.
Good morning

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