Good Morning SMS Messages

I have no yesterdays, time took them away, tomorrow may nt b mine,
although m trying. Bt I have today.
So I wish u a very good day.Good Morning

Mornings r reminders that God loves us. We r not just given another day to enjoy
bt also givn anothr chance to correct, the wrongs of yesterday.Gud Morning

A first morning msg doesn’t mean that i m disturbing u
It means u r the first & best prson about
whom i m thinking after opening my eyes !Gud mornin 🙂

“Things r yet to happen… Life is yet to go,,
“This is just a bend nt an end… ! Happy Morning 🙂

In Life most ppl help u wen it suits them. Bt very FEW help wen it suits u.
Make those FEW ur frnds and try to b that FEW 4 many…! Good mornig

Wen we wake up in the morning we hv 2 simple choices,
go back to sleep & dream, or wake up n chase those dreams.
choice is ours.. Good Morning

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