Good Morning SMS Messages

Mausam Mast He, Mahaul Jbardast He,Apne Apne Kam Me Sab Vyast He
Socha Phone Kr k Gud Mornig Kahu, Pata Chala is Rout ki Sabhi line Wyast He.

90% problem of life are due to tone of voice. It is not so important what we say,
But it matters a lot how we say it. Good Morning

Luck is not in ur hands, But work is in ur hands.. Ur work can make ur luck,
But ur luck cant make ur work.. So always trust urself than ur luck!

Ummidon ki kashti duboya nhi karte, Sahil agar door ho to roya nhi karte.
Rakhte hai jo dil me ummid kuch pane ki, Wo Log zindgi me kabi kuch khoya nhi karte.Gm

Don’t judge a book, by its cover… For the cover is nothing that counts…
What’s inside is what counts….Good morning..Take care.. Have a great day

Touching the sky does not define your success…The real success will be,
if you do not take your feet off the ground while touching the sky..gOOd mOrning

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