Student SMS



Most Irritating Moment –
Morning Alarm…

Most Difficult Task –
To Find Socks…

Most Dreadful Journey –
Way To Class…

Most Lovely Time –
Meeting Friends…

Most Tragic Moment –
Surprise Test In 1st Period…

Most Wonderful News –
Teacher Is Absent… =P 😉

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Students Vs Teachers!

Students Vs Teachers :-

When We are in Class. We Are Students.
When they are in class They are Scholars.

When v Correct our Writing its Overwriting.
When they Correct their, its Correction,

When v copy from Others, We are Cheaters,
When they Copy they Quote

When We don’t do our work in time, We are Sluggish,
When they don’t do, they are Busy,

When We Joke in class, We are Jokers,
When They are joke, They r Witty 😛