Rakhi SMS

Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters
Fight like cats & dogs
They also teach & learn
And grow together
Looking out for one another
In the best of times
And through the worst
In the end
Sometimes our best friend
Can be a Brother
Or a Sister
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi SMS

I don’t know how to express my love

I don’t know how to express my love towards you. I have written a small poem for you.
“Dil karta hai tu phir se chotta ho jaye, apnna badappan dikhhaoo mein
apni baaho ke jhule mein, lekar tujhe jhulaoo mein
pyari pyari lori gaa kar ,phir se tujhe sulaoo mein
itna pyar diya hai tunne, kuch to karj chukaoo mein”
teri didi