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Pati aur Patni so rahe the

Gunehgaar kaun..??

PATI aur PATNI so rahe the.
PATNI sapna dekh ke chillayi..
“bhago mera PATI aa gaya”
PATI utha aur khidki se kud gaya.

Double Meaning SMS, Family SMS, Funny SMS, Husband-Wife SMS

Let’s make a phone call

Couple agreed that whenever they want to have sex they will say-
“Let’s make a phone call”

1 day The man sent his son to tel mom while she was busy in kitchen.
Son: Mom, dad is asking u to cm so he can make a phone call.
Mom: Go tel im out of coverage area.
Dad: Go tel ur mom that if she cant cm i will make d cal elsewhere.
Mom: Go tel ur dad if he does that i will open a call center here.