Adult SMS

Objects Inside The T-Shirt…

Written On The T-Shirt Of A Girl:
Objects Inside The T-Shirt Are
Larger Then They Appear From Outside.

Adult SMS

Aids awareness slogan…

Aids awareness slogan:

Cover ur stump b4 u pump
dont b silly, protect ur jelly..
AIDS is no joke
wrap b4 u poke
dont be fool
condomize ur tool… 😉

Adult SMS

Sex is game…

KAMASUTRA says that.. sex is..

Duty- if done with ur wife..
Art- if done with ur love..
Education- if done with a virgin..
Tution- if done with ur teacher..
Job- if done with your boss/secretary..
Science- if done with a fertile lady..
Business- if done with a prostitute..
Social work – if done with ur neighbour
Charity- if done with a widow
Sacrifice- if done with ur own hand